CECOMM is a network for all communications museums of Europe.

It offers a forum for discussion, for co-operation, joint ventures and more. We would like to invite all colleagues to discuss their current issues and problems. Often others have the same!

In most European countries museums of communications (these include the museums of posts and the museums of telecommunications) exist. In former times, these museums were often part of the public postal administration. But over the course of the last years almost all postal administrations have been privatized and at the same time the museums have been newly organized. Some museums became company museums, some remained public institutions, others again are now maintained by foundations and - last but not least - some are still closed until further decisions have been taken.

The communications museums have to face these important new challenges. They have to find answers to current problems of finance as well as of collections or of exhibitions. CECOMM conferences take place every other year. The first conference was held in the year 2000 in Berlin /Germany in the Museum für Kommunikation Berlin. Since then, Frankfurt, Bern, Kopenhagen, St. Petersburg and The Hague hosted the CECOMM conference.

CECOMM acts in close partnership with IATM (International Association of Transport and Communications Museums). The conferences will therefor be held in association with IATM.